How To Choose The Best Highlights For Your Undertones?

The transition of seasons presents a perfect opportunity to refresh your hairstyle. Whether embracing the winter chill or spring blossoming, exploring new hair options is an exciting time. If you consider adding dimension without fully committing to color treatment, highlights & lowlights can provide an ideal solution.

You might be amazed by the transformative impact of a few highlights or lowlights on your complexion. Refreshing your look can mean a partial hair color overhaul. 

By incorporating a touch of highlights or lowlights, you can enhance the dimension of your hair & bring a radiant glow to your face while still embracing your natural hair color.

If you need help deciding where to begin when selecting colors that complement your skin tone, rest assured that we have you covered. 

This informative blog post will serve as your guide, outlining the concepts of highlights & lowlights while assisting you in identifying your skin tone & determining which styles best enhance your features. 

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of choosing the ideal highlights or lowlights based on your unique skin tone.

How To Determine Your Skin Tone: Cool Vs. Warm?


The initial stage in identifying the color of highlights or lowlights is to assess your skin tone. Various attributes aid in determining your skin tone, with the key differentiating factor being whether it is warm or cool. If you require clarification on your skin tone, the following guidelines can provide you with a clearer understanding.

1. Examine Your Undertones

Generally, when considering skin tones, it is commonly understood that warm skin tones tend to have yellow & golden undertones. In contrast, cool skin tones tend to have blue & pink undertones.

2. Check Your Wrists

If it is not immediately apparent from your complexion, you can also examine your wrists to determine your undertones. The pigment of your wrists & veins can often be intense, ranging from pinks, reds, blues, greens, or yellows. If your veins appear blue or purple, your skin likely has cool undertones. Conversely, if your veins appear green, your skin is expected to have warm undertones.

3. Check Your Eyes

Another physical indicator of skin tone can be observed through your eyes. Your skin tone is likely warm if your eyes have warm tones or gold flecks. Conversely, if your eyes have a lot of blues & greens, your skin tone is more likely to be excellent.

4. Try The Jewelry Test.

It is often suggested that a simple method to determine your skin undertone is by comparing how jewelry complements your complexion. If gold enhances your skin tone, you are likely warm-toned; if silver complements your skin tone better, you are probably cool-toned.

5. Match Yourself With A Celebrity

Having a point of reference for skin tone can be beneficial. Therefore, it is helpful to find a celebrity with a similar complexion to match yourself with. Look at the various hair colors they have experimented with & identify what worked best for their skin.

6. Get Your Skin Tone Professionally Matched

Finally, if you still need to figure out your skin tone, another practical approach is to have your skin tone analyzed in-store. Retailers like Sephora offer scanning tools that precisely identify your shade & undertones. This information proves invaluable when choosing a hair color that complements your features.

How To Match Your Skin Tone With Highlights?

Hair Colors

Now that you have acquired knowledge & expertise in determining your skin tone, you must understand which highlights & lowlights are most suitable for complementing your complexion. When selecting a hair color, a general guideline is to choose styles opposite to your skin tone. 

For instance, if you have warm-toned skin, consider opting for ashier & more fabulous shades of highlights & vice versa. Join us as we provide an in-depth analysis of each tone of highlights & their most flattering effects.

1. Ash Blonde

ash blonde

Ash-blonde highlights are ideal for individuals with cool skin tones featuring reddish or pink undertones. Incorporating ash blonde highlights, such as silver, platinum, ice, or champagne blonde, can effectively neutralize any ruddiness in the complexion. Take inspiration from celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani & Taylor Swift. 

The Ash Blonde or Platinum Blonde Luxy Hair set would be perfect if you’re considering using extensions to achieve this look.




2. Warm Blonde

warm blonde

Warm blonde highlights, on the other hand, are particularly flattering for individuals with olive or cooler skin tones with blue undertones. Opting for honey, caramel, or amber tones is critical. Going ashy with the highlights can risk washing out cooler complexions with blue undertones. Take inspiration from the likes of Blake Lively or Gigi Hadid. 

If you want to achieve this look without dyeing, we recommend Dirty Blonde or Blonde Balayage Luxies, as they can help you achieve the desired result.





3. Cool Brown

cool brown

Subtle brown highlights or an illuminated brunette in shades of mocha, ash brown, or rich chocolate can enhance the beauty of individuals with warm skin tones & yellow undertones. Incorporating cool-toned, rich brown highlights can effectively brighten & lighten the complexion without overwhelming warmth. Take inspiration from the likes of Bella Hadid or Zooey Deschanel. 

If you want to achieve this look with Luxies, we recommend choosing Chocolate Brown, Chocolate Brown Balayage, or Ash Brown.




4. Warm Brown

warm brown

Warm brown highlights in shades of golden brown, honey, chestnut, or mahogany are particularly flattering on individuals with warm skin tones & olive undertones. Incorporating golden highlights can effectively enhance & accentuate tanned, olive-toned skin, drawing inspiration from renowned personalities such as Cindy Mello, Jessica Alba & Jennifer Lopez. 

If you desire a warm brown highlighted look using Luxies, we recommend considering Chestnut Brown Balayage or Ombre Chestnut as suitable options.





5. Cool Red

cool red

Elegant red highlights in shades of auburn, burgundy & deep red complement individuals with fair, calm skin & reddish undertones. The exceptional range of these red hues counteracts any underlying redness in the skin, creating a balanced complexion rather than an overly flushed appearance. 

Take inspiration from Madelaine Petsch’s iconic style in Riverdale. To achieve this stunning look with Luxies, we recommend opting for the Vibrant Auburn shade.






6. Warm Red

warm red

On the contrary, warmer red highlights in shades of strawberry blonde, amber, copper, or rust can be exceptionally flattering for individuals with fair skin & neutral or bluish undertones. The red-tinted tones of the highlights complement your complexion, adding warmth to counterbalance the bluish cast. 

Take inspiration from celebrities like Amy Adams. We suggest trying Strawberry Blonde or Natural Red shades from Luxy Extensions to achieve this captivating, warm red look. Find more information about these extensions here.




7. Cool Black

Cool Black

Cool-toned black highlights in espresso, licorice, or blue-black shades complement individuals with deeper skin tones & warm, yellow undertones. The contrast between the black’s coolness & the skin’s natural warmth creates a stunning effect. Noteworthy examples of this style are Rihanna & Serena Williams. 

We recommend using Luxy hair extensions in Jet Black or Off Black for this look. Find more information about the product here.





8. Warm Black

warm black

Warm black highlights in shades of dark mocha, cocoa, or brown-black are ideal for individuals with deeper skin tones & cool undertones. The rich hue of these highlights effectively enhances & warms up the complexion, as Kerry Washington & Beyonce exemplify. 

To achieve this warm black look using Luxies, we recommend opting for Off Black Balayage or Mocha Brown shades.






Final Words


We at Guys & Dolls Hair Salon trust that you found our guide on selecting highlights or lowlights based on your skin tone helpful. Do you currently have highlights or lowlights? How do you go about choosing the most suitable color? Have you ever considered using hair extensions for highlights? Please share your thoughts & experiences in the comments section below.

If you switch up your hairstyle this season, consider adding highlights using our Hair extensions. Guys & Dolls Hair Salon offers an array of shades that can be customized to perfectly match your skin tone. Make sure to visit us for a fabulous hair makeover! 

For more tips on selecting the best highlights & lowlights, contact us directly with any additional questions. We are always here to help you find the perfect color for your desired style! 

Happy highlighting! 🙂