Haircuts That Are Going To Be Huge In 2023

Embrace The Stylish Allure Of Haircuts Like Bobs & Bangs At Guys & Dolls Hair Salon!

Get ready because we are in the mid of the year 2023 & it’s time to take your hair game to the next level! If the past few years were about embracing natural texture & effortless haircuts, this year will blow your mind. It’s time for fresh starts & bold choices, so why not head straight to the salon for a new haircut or color?

Don’t worry; there’s always time to switch up your look & make a statement this year!

Say goodbye to high-maintenance styles & hello to effortlessly chic looks! Instead of relying on bold cuts that steal the show & pay homage to bygone eras, why not embrace shaggy layers, blunt fringe & retro-inspired hairdos?

Ready to take the plunge? We’ve covered you with modern twists on classic bobs, bangs & flowing locks. Get ready to turn heads with these timeless yet trendy haircuts!

Presented here are the fashionable haircuts expected to be widely popular in 2023. So, let’s check out the trendy cuts you should try this year.

1. Shaggy Shoulder Cut

Curly Pixie Cut

Elevate the timeless shoulder cut with edginess by requesting shag-inspired layers & trendy curtain bangs. This style is perfect for those seeking added volume & texture, creating a chic & contemporary look.

2. Grown-Out Crop

Grown-Out Crop

This cropped cut is undeniably elegant, perhaps the most exquisite this year. Its side-swept bangs & flattering layers strike the perfect balance between style & practicality, making it a versatile & enduring choice.

3. Flippy Layers

Flippy Layers

Flippy layers evoke a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the early-2000s era. However, their appeal extends beyond that. These layers provide a touch of style & facilitate the emulation of a fresh & bouncy blowout effortlessly.

4. Fringed Short Curls

Fringed Short Curls

Layering can breathe life into curls & this is especially true for short haircuts. By incorporating abundant layers & a voluminous set of bangs, you’ll effortlessly turn heads & leave others green with envy wherever you go.

5. 1970s Long Cut

1970s Long Cut

Remember the soft, feathered & fluffy looks of the 1970s! This modern extended cut pays homage to the long-haired babes of decades past, bringing their timeless allure to the present. Get ready to rock that retro glam!

6. Textured Fringe Bob

Textured Fringe Bob

Get ready to rock a modern twist on a timeless favorite – the classic shag! This short bob amps up the texture with layers & trendy curtain bangs. It’s a hairstyle that will turn heads & leave you feeling fabulous!

7. Layered Mid-Length Cut

Layered Mid-Length Cut

This is a prime example of letting your hair color take center stage. With effortless layers & a versatile length, you won’t be burdened with styling time. Experience the freedom of a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

8. Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs

If the show-stopping ginger hair color catches your attention, don’t overlook this cut. Curls thrive with layered styles for added bounce, while wispy bangs bring a refreshing touch to any haircut or length.

9. The New Triangle Cut

The New Triangle Cut

Curly-haired individuals are often warned about the dreaded triangle cut, the pyramid cut. However, this contemporary rendition defies those concerns & introduces a fresh perspective.

10. Blunt Textured Cut

Blunt Textured Cut

Enhance the appearance of your hair by keeping the ends blunt & adding a textured bend to the body. This technique creates the illusion of thicker hair, giving it a more voluminous & stylish look.

11. Angled Long Bob

Angled Long Bob

Angles can breathe new life into shorter, precise haircuts above the collarbones. Request an A-line cut with a longer front & a smooth, unstacked back for a stylish & modern look.

12. Curly Crop Cut

Curly Crop Cut

Any problem can be fixed with a bold haircut & a vibrant new hair color. Embrace the opportunity to go shorter without sacrificing the volume of your curly hair.

13. Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers

Elevate your haircut with a touch of edgy allure through choppy layers & bangs. This transformation will instantly upgrade a simple lob, leaving last year’s trends in the dust.

14. Textured Lob

Textured Lob

Achieve envy-inducing thickness by keeping your haircut predominantly one length with minimal layers. This effortlessly chic lob cut is always ready to roll out of bed & go!

15. Textured Layers

Textured Layers

You can easily amp up the texture of naturally fine hair by adding layers, layers & more! Focus on the midsection to the ends to keep that fabulous volume intact.

16. Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs

An increasingly popular trendy style is the elegant & slightly nostalgic curtain bangs. They exude a stylish charm that is both timeless & retro-inspired.

17. Sharp Shoulder Cut

Sharp Shoulder Cut

This style can shatter glass with a glance, effortlessly transforming any classic bob or lob into a contemporary & fashionable look.

18. Tousled Medium-Length Cut

Tousled Medium-Length Cut

Layers are the go-to option for women with thick hair who prefer to avoid a concise cut. To enhance the texture, consider adding side-swept bangs for a stylish touch.

19. Cropped Bangs

Cropped Bangs

Baby bangs are a lasting trend, adding the perfect touch to a voluminous cascade of curls. It’s the ultimate accessory that complements your style flawlessly.

20. Mini Blunt Bob

Mini Blunt Bob

While opting for a blunt cut, there’s no need to compromise on texture. This chic mini bob, gently skimming the chin, offers the perfect fusion of style & substance.

21. Thick Curly Cut

Thick Curly Cut

Thick curls can still have bounce & movement! Consider requesting layered cuts & wispy bangs to gradually enhance volume & maintain a light, airy feel.

22. Long & Layered Cut

Long & Layered Cut

Did you think you had seen the end of this early-to-mid 2000s hairstyle? While everyone else opts for shortcuts, why not embrace the beauty of long locks?

23. Blunt Chin Bob

Blunt Chin Bob

If only we could express ourselves as candidly as these hair ends! You can achieve a voluminous bob that exudes style & flair by avoiding excessive layering.

24. Trim Pixie

Trim Pixie

When you’re prepared for the extraordinary transformation, get this Mia Farrow-inspired pixie cut. It will not only fulfil your expectations but exceed them.

25. Soft A-Line Bob

Soft A-Line Bob

This effortless hairstyle features a front length slightly longer than the back, beautifully enhancing oval & round face shapes with an elongating effect.

26. Short Shag Cut

Short Shag Cut

The hair is beautifully voluminous & showcases a flattering & distinctive option with a chin-length cut accompanied by bangs.

27. Lob-Length Curls

Lob-Length Curls

It’s difficult not to feel an immediate surge of confidence with this chic medium-length curly haircut featuring layers & delicate curtain bangs.

28. Short & Wild Shag


Short & Wild Shag

A head full of curls is genuinely complemented by a timeless shag hairstyle! It’s undeniably the trendiest choice for all the fashion-forward ladies.

29. Big Shoulder-Grazing Curls

Big Shoulder-Grazing Curls

This length demands attention. It’s concise enough to capture significant volume yet substantial enough to make a lasting impression.

30. Soft Curved Bob

Soft Curved Bob

We’re embracing the timeless elegance of Old Hollywood bobs, featuring soft ends, graceful curves & a stylish deep side part.

31. Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe

If you want a fresh addition to your bob-length haircut, consider adding bangs for an effortless transformation. Whether you prefer a wispy or full style, the possibilities are endless.

32. Early 2000s Side Swept Bangs

Early 2000s Side Swept Bangs

Indeed, you have the opportunity for a second attempt at achieving flawlessly styled side-swept bangs this time.

33. Curly Side-Parted Bob

Curly Side-Parted Bob

If you’re looking for a convenient option, this chic short bob with a side part & side-swept bangs adds flair.

34. Curly Super Pixie

Leaving your curls longer on top adds vitality & volume to a short-cropped cut, elevating its overall style & appeal.

35. Barely-There Bangs

Barely-There Bangs

Adding curls to wispy bangs can create a charmingly disheveled look, wildly when styled with short layers.

36. Soft Layered Bob 

Soft Curved Bob

This hairstyle showcases graceful, cascading layers that enhance volume & create fluid movement effortlessly.

37. Blunt Collarbone Cut

Blunt Collarbone Cut

This year, a lob that gracefully falls right at your collarbone has emerged as the epitome of flattering hair length.

38. Mia Wallace Bob

Mia Wallace Bob

The Pulp Fiction cut remains iconic in its own right & continues to resonate even in modern times.

39. Cheekbone-Grazing 90s Bob

Cheekbone-Grazing 90s Bob

This stylish & elegant piece is here to stay. It embodies precise lines & lustrous, shiny hair strands.

40. Curly Pixie Cut

Incorporate a side part into a cropped haircut for volume & enhanced curls.

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Most Popular Short Haircut For 2023?

The popularity of bobs as a hairstyle largely depends on your hair’s texture & thickness. Among various lengths, the most commonly requested is a bob. Consider asking your stylist for a length between your chin & shoulders for a low-maintenance & versatile look.

This length offers ease of styling & provides a range of styling options to suit your preferences.

What Is The Most Popular Hairstyle For 2023?

The latest hair trends are heavily influenced by your desired length, natural texture & personal style. Among the most popular choices is the long bob, coveted by many, while short haircuts, in general, continue to dominate the scene.

What Is The Most Flattering Hair Length For Women Over 50?

For women over 50, opting for shorter haircuts that fall above the shoulders is generally advisable. This helps maintain the health of your hair & promotes the appearance of thicker locks.