Guys & Dolls – Fort Lauderdale’s Leading Keratin Treatment Provider

Keratin treatments are all the rage these days. Celebrities, rappers & everyday people are all getting them to get sleek, shiny hair. If you’re looking for a top-notch keratin treatment provider in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than Guys & Dolls because there’s no one better to trust than the experts at our salon! 

We’ve been providing high-quality Keratin treatments to locals & celebrities for years & our results speak for themselves. In addition to being widely recognized as the best in the business, we’re also one of the most affordable providers in the area. 

Our team of experts will give you the best possible treatment so you can have beautiful hair too! So keep reading to learn more about what Guys & Dolls can do for you & your hair.

What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment is a therapy that smooths & straightens your hair by infusing it with keratin. This protein is naturally found in your hair. The treatment works by breaking down the bonds that cause your hair to be frizzy or curly & then rebuilding those bonds to leave you with sleek, straight hair.

Why Is It So Popular?

The Keratin Complex Treatment is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. 

  • First & foremost, it really works! People who have undergone the treatment report noticeably softer, shinier & healthier hair. 
  • In addition, the treatment is low maintenance; once you’ve had it done, you can wash & style your hair as usual without worrying about damaging your newly smoothed locks. 
  • Finally, the treatment lasts for up to six months, so you can enjoy beautiful, healthy hair for months on end without having to go back for frequent touch-ups. 

Guys & Dolls Keratin Treatment Process

  • The first step in our Keratin treatment process is to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any build-up or residue that could prevent the treatment from working correctly. 
  • Next, we apply the Keratin treatment, evenly distributing it throughout your hair. 
  • Once the treatment has been applied, we use a flat iron to seal it & let your hair air dry. 

The Results You Can Expect

After just one Keratin treatment from Guys & Dolls, you can expect smoother, sleeker & more manageable hair. In addition, our treatments are designed to last up to six weeks, so you can enjoy long-lasting results. 

Get The Celebrity Keratin Treatment With Guys & Dolls

Don’t trust just any salon with your Keratin treatment – trust the experts at Guys & Dolls. We are Fort Lauderdale’s leading keratin treatment provider. We offer the latest & greatest keratin treatments & our team of experts is passionate about providing you with the best possible service. Our process is simple & straightforward & we guarantee you will be happy with your results. 

So Why Come To Guys & Dolls For Your Keratin Treatment Needs? 

Because we provide quality services at a great price, we want to help you look & feel your best. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment – we can’t wait to meet you!