Great Hair Doesn’t Break the Bank

Going to the salon can seem like a hassle for a variety of reasons. From taking time out of your day to paying the tab, going to the salon isn’t always fun. However, the right salon could change the way you think about getting a haircut, so let’s start with the right price.
Whether you’re getting just a cut or trying an entirely different look, you’d want the price to be reasonable. Some look to an at-home hair treatment and risk damaging more than their hair, just because they don’t want to pay too much for it. Your hair maintenance shouldn’t be expensive in the first place; it’s your hair after all.
So how do you get great hair for an even better price? First, make sure any salon you look at has experience in the type of service you want. Look at what the salon has done in the past and make sure it’s of the quality you’d want. References and examples that the salon provides can help you make this decision. Not all great salons have their work online, but take into consideration the ones that do.
Next, check their services. If their prices are available online and you’re satisfied with them, then you’re ready to make the call. If not, make the call anyway and ask the salon what they would charge for the service you want.
Still not sure what salon to give a shot? If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, then there’s a salon perfect for both men and women at a low price.
Guys and Dolls Hair Salon is one of Fort Lauderdale’s top-rated hair salons and specializes in hair cuts, hair color, keratin treatments, highlights, balayage, color correction, wedding hair, and updos! All of Guys & Dolls Hair Salon’s stylists are master colorists! With an online lookbook of their past work, you’re sure to find reason enough to trust your hair in their hands.
Not only is Guys & Dolls Hair Salon an affordable 5-star salon, but it’s also just 10 seconds off the I95 with tons of free parking in their lot. No matter what you’re looking for in a new hairstyle, Guys & Dolls Hair Salon can do it!