Was skeptical – not anymore. Great Salon
Sunday, 03 January 2010 19:15 | Written by Gail Daley
She corrected both the hatchet job I received elsewhere and she also fixed my color so I no longer look like a calico cat. My self-esteem is restored and so is my faith in these reviews. I would definitely recommend Guys &Dolls to anyone checking out salons on Citysearch. Dawn was great and all the other stylists were busy and doing great work too. I also felt compelled to try the Barnie’s coffee I have been reading about – the Pumpkin Spice was the best flavored coffee I have had in years. Give them a try – you will be glad you did.
One word: Wow
Friday, 11 February 2011 21:22 | Written by jonathan@hairkuts.com
I have never received compliments on my Hairdo until Francisco worked on mine. What an experience! This is something everyone should try. Just go there and wait for the results, you won’t be dissapointed.
For The Record
Wednesday, 30 December 2009 12:26 | Written by Helen Strauss
They do NOT need to use those colored foils that you see at ‘fancy salons’ – all those foils do is cost more money which is ultimatley paid by the client. When they do hilights, to watch Francisco or Michel put on foils is mind-blowing – such technique. And I think I saw Francisco once put 350 rollers in a lady’s head while doing a perm – boy did she have great, tight curls. The one thing that you cant help but notice is who sits in Francisco’s chair: everyone! I have never seen someone so comfortable with 4 year-old kids, 85 year-olds, young men with their fades, or ladies with highlights. He genuinely loves what he does and he loves people… that is why he always has someone in his chair. And being from Brazil, with his dark hair & eyes, he is not too hard to look at. Maybe that is TMI, but after all these years I feel like he is family. To see the way he has grown as a stylist and to see him in charge of Guys & Dolls is heartwarming. I dont want to get too mushy, so in closing all I can say is that when you are ready for your next hair service, whether you want to try something new or just go with what works for you, Guys & Dolls will leave you saying “My hair looks great” as you leave and it wont break the bank. If you are they type who feels that you must spend a fortune to look great then you have not tried the team at Guys & Dolls. Dawn, Michel, Melanie, Sherry, and Francisco will gladly welcome you and they will make you look great.
Helen – No matter how crappy things are, you are a ray of sunshine, always. When LuAnn came in for her perm last week, I told her about your comment (350 rollers) and she was gracious enough to let us take a photo of her WITH the rollers in… and you are right, I dont know how Francisco got them all in. I will attempt to add a before & after picture of Lu to this website. Helen, we love you!!!!!
This is it!
Saturday, 23 January 2010 09:18 | Written by Diva Girl
Guys & Dolls Hairkuts is an INCREDIBLE full-service salon. I have been going there for many years and have never had a cut or treatment that I didn’t LOVE! Francisco is my stylist and he has an incredible flair for what looks perfect and is easy to maintain. I enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, the friendly environment and the excellent service I can count on during each visit. The prices are affordable….believe me, I’ve spent more for a lot less other places…and I’m always a satisfied client!
P.S. I’m the client with over 350 rods! It looks stunning!
I Thought My Old Stylist Was Great
Sunday, 06 December 2009 17:48 | Written by 1 foxy lady
I asked to be booked by the best stylist and he stated that he is fortunate enough to have such a great staff that he doesnt feel the need to steer me away from anyone, and he just proceeded to book me with Francisco who had the only opening that would work with my schedule. Getting there and paring was a breeze and when I walked in it was hard to believe I was in a salon – it was like being in my living room… I was greeted and offered something to drink, I admired the great magazine assortment, and I just felt comfortable. I couldnt help but notice the picture frame with shots of the clients – and they all looked so great. Francisco sat me down and after a very thorough and professional consultation, we decided to try something new, and when I was done, I was in shock… besides loving my new color & style, I felt anger at my (now previous) old salon for doing such mediocre work and charging such high prices… ANd while Francisco was busy with e, I couldn’t help but notice all the activity in the place… how well all the stylists got along and the quality of the work that was being done. I felt comfortable and relaxed and it was a good feeling to know I was in competent hands. I was given a beautiful pen on my way out and I grabbed a business card – I mean this business card was a work of art in itself and it conveyed what goes on in Guys & Dolls – a cut above the rest. The next week when my old stylist called me at the office I had my receptionist tell him that I could not squeeze him in my schedule for a conversation and to not call me again – how great it felt. Ladies & Gents, Guys & Dolls is one of those things in life that must be experienced first hand – it will be a life-changing experience.


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