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Keratin Treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Keratin Complex Treatment

At Guys & Dolls, we feature Natura Keratin…. the Natura line of Keratin treatments is organic and offers 3 levels of intensity so that we can use the ideal Keratin for your hair type… when doing keratin, it is definitely NOT one size fits all.

We do over 100 keratin treatments each month and have equipped the shop with the Aerovex Healthy Hair System. This includes those machines that go over your head to suck up the fumes immediately so that they do not upset your eyes or throat, a floor machine to purify the air, and special carbon filters in our A/C system to ensure the cleanest air quality ever in a hair salon. This was a substantial investment – but how can you put a price on your health? To our knowledge, only 2 other salons in the state of Florida are certified ‘Clean Air’ salons which use the Aerovex system.

We encourage you to click the ‘Read About Keratin’ tab and learn more… also, if you are thinking about keratin and doing your research, make sure you inquire whether as to whether organic products and clean air systems are being used… at Guys & Dolls the answer to both of those is YES

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The Brazilian Keratin Treatment System Is… FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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